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Africa’s Gift supports largely rural communities in southern Africa (principally Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia, and Malawi) and Uganda, working closely with community members to effect change through the development of practical solutions to clearly identified needs. 

We also reach out to UK community members who wish to become involved - at home or overseas. 

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 ♥ ‘Please help if you can........’ ♥ An update on the drought ♥ 

2016 dust swirl from Gates of Paradise.jpgAs you will have heard, the rain has begun to fall in Lesotho, but food security will remain a very serious issue for many months to come.2016 very heavy burden on young shoulders.jpg

A United Nations Drought Impact Assessment, published February 2016, estimates that food will be short until well into 2017; with more than 1 in 4 people currently seriously at risk, it is the very poor rural households which are hardest hit, relying on help from the World Food Programme to survive.

Ever resourceful, our friends in Malealea are trying to source piped water from areas nearby, but need financial help to buy the pipework and pumping equipment to make this a success.

Please give whatever you can here to help to provide drinking water and to keep food crops from dying in the ground.                                                                                                 Kea leboha!

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