Building community partnerships

Africa’s Gift brings an added dimension to UK community and school projects:

Meeting people, talking to people, and discussing the big issues which affect us globally; being able to talk to real people, to get to know them as individuals, rather than as figures on a TV screen or as statistics; all help to challenge preconceived ideas or prejudice, and demolish stereotypes.

The projects we support and help develop go far beyond being “charitable opportunities”. Our projects look at links between society, health, economy and the environment, and between lives in the UK and abroad. Everyone involved in an Africa’s Gift project soon recognises that whilst people in the developing world face tremendous hardships, they can also teach us a lot.  This we have identified as 'Africa's Gift'.

A feature of all our projects - it has even been called our trademark - is the realisation that this planet is home for all of us and we can all make a difference.

Communities around the world

Since 2000 we've helped a wide range of UK communities, businesses, university departments, charities and schools from both independent and state sectors build partnerships around the world. During that time, and through developing and working in collaboration with both the UK and overseas partners, Africa's Gift has gained a lot of experience and know-how. This has included our strong (and ever expanding) network of in-country contacts with like minded charities and development trusts.


UK communities

Helping members of a UK community build friendships and work with a community from a very different culture is not only a unique mind-broadening experience, it is also extremely energising. We are proud to have helped UK communities develop and manage projects that have involved everything from community eco-gardens to carbon-offsetting programmes.