Building Community Partnerships - Worldwide

Before any community project gets off the ground there is much planning required. When a community project involves an overseas partner there’s even more to consider and prepare.

Since our own first engagement with community partners in Lesotho in 2000, we've helped to create many successful global community partnerships, gaining myriad experience and know-how.

Our ever growing network of in-country contacts with other like minded charities and development trusts enables us to keep abreast of developments in partner communities (both established and potential), thereby ensuring that our 'linking process' meets the needs of both partners.

Thus our experience, combined with this invaluable source of local knowledge, helps us to find the best community partner for you; ultimately helps your community to forge stronger relationships and work on projects that will have the greatest impact both in the home community and overseas.

Since 2000 we have helped a wide range of UK communities, businesses, university departments, charities, and schools from both independent and state sectors build mutually rewarding partnerships around the world.

We’ve been involved in developing and managing projects that have

  • Tackled soil erosion and provided jobs through tree-planting schemes
  • Built community reservoirs
  • Established a Carbon off-setting scheme
  • Built (and helped maintain) schools and community buildings
  • Used solar panels and wind turbines to provide schools and community buildings with electricity
  • Developed a new clean-burn stove for communities across rural Africa, reducing the amount of fuel wood required and combatting the incidence of respiratory disease amongst community members
  • Raised awareness and tackled the effects of foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Built gardens and supported local food markets
  • Established a teaching farm, to help improve food security, provide employment, and demonstrate conservation agriculture techniques for replication in community members' own gardens

We have also helped schools and youth organisations in the UK work with overseas communities on global citizenship projects and on projects that have given everyone involved a deeper appreciation of their shared history. Recognising this shared history has inspired them to look at ways of shaping the future together.

From our experience of helping communities build partnerships we know there almost inevitably comes a time when people want to actually meet each other.

This comes a no surprise; it is a very human trait that friends and colleagues in the partnership should want to meet. Moreover, it is very natural to want to see how a collaborative project is actually doing. Sometimes the best way of doing that is through a visit.

Sometimes what starts out as a small project, grows both in terms of the idea and what’s needed to make it happen.

Whenever a visit is considered we can help. We have well established protocols and expertise for carrying out risk assessments, monitoring projects and measuring their success.  Through having also developed robust working relationships with a range of 'industry specialists', we can also help you with advice on accessing funding, prepare you for the practicalities of what visiting a community in the developing world involves, and the shaping of your proposed itinerary including travel and accomodation.