Building Community Partnerships - UK

Community is an idea that’s been around for thousands of years but can mean lots of things.

It can mean a geographical place where people live, where they came from or a place they feel affection for. It can mean shared beliefs and interests, people in similar circumstances or people who have been through similar experiences.

The issues community groups set out to tackle are as diverse and varied as the groups themselves. Over the years Africa’s Gift has been working with community groups we’ve noticed two features that affect all groups whatever their area of interest. These are

  • the need for volunteers, and
  • the need to have something that galvanizes the community, captures the imagination and keeps volunteers motivated.

This is where Africa’s Gift can really help. Helping members of a UK community build friendships and work with a community from a very different culture is not only a unique mind-broadening experience it is also extremely energising.

We’ve helped UK communities develop and manage projects that have involved

  • Community and eco-gardens – specifically, working with a community in Southern Africa provided invaluable insight and expertise to a UK community concerned about water-shortages in the UK.
  • Healthy eating and meal-making.
  • Carbon-offsetting and developing ways to make buildings carbon-neutral.
  • Raising awareness and tackling alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Helping young people in danger of being excluded from education to not only re-connect with education, but to understand and recognise it's value.
  • Inter-generational projects revolving around local history and passing on traditional skills and crafts.
  • Encouraging local enterprise.