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Develop your workforce, whilst fulfilling your company’s corporate social responsibility!   We welcome corporate engagement to Make that Difference.

Through direct involvement with one of our warm and welcoming partner communities in Africa, and with our support, you could:

  • Work first hand alongside community members, further developing and encouraging the use of clean technologies, such as Wonderbags* (thermal cookers).  These have been independently verified as each absorbing 1.6tonnes of CO2 per year when used in Rwanda, but there is a widespread need for education across traditional rural communities if they are to be made best use of in Africa.  Your company would work in partnership with key community members, (ideally) demonstrating benefits to the environment and health as well as the impact upon womens’ daily workload and personal safety, as well as planting new areas of woodland to enable the production of future sustainable fuel woods.  In doing so you would make a lasting impact on the lives of your community partners, add a rewarding and significant human dimension to your corporate reputation, and collect many and varied images / stories to celebrate the company’s actions and achievements in addition to creating long lasting and powerful personal memories. 

*Wonderbags are just one possible vehicle for your partnership working  – we would be happy to discuss / explore others to meet your needs.

  • Make opportunities available to your employees to visit and work alongside community members in Africa (independently or in groups) on life changing development projects.  There is evidence to suggest that such hands-on experience can transform an individual’s outlook and perception of self, often stimulating a heightened sense of pride and team cameraderie, resulting in greater enthusiasm for achieving results, which can in turn impact significantly upon attitudes in the workplace.  By allowing / facilitating your employees’ access to such opportunities you are of course investing in their interpersonal and social development and ultimately your company’s productivity.  

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The fact that this project enables …… people from within our community to offer valuable service to others in another continent is most praiseworthy and is in the true spirit of Rotary.