Sponsor a Heat Retention Cook Bag

In rural Africa just £35 spent per household can provide the latest revolutionary heat retention cook bag which are handmade in Lesotho by Eternal Flame Worldwide Ltd.

This fantastic development is changing lives in Africa, by reducing the amount of time spent stirring the pot (and collecting fuel wood), as well as cutting the amount of water required by 80%! 

The heat retention cook bag works as a slow cooker; once food has been brought to the boil, the pot is removed from the heat source and placed into the insulated bag to finish cooking.

If you are struggling to find that special gift for your lucky friend who has everything s/he needs, why not consider donating a heat retention cook bag to a family in Africa?  We will provide you with a Gift Certificate for each bag purchased. 

To sponsor a heat retention cook bag for an African family please hit the donate button (above). Thankyou!

Heat Retention Cook Bag 1.jpg